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How long will it take to walk one mile?
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Adults average 3-4 miles in an hour, and walk a mile in 15 to 20 minutes. A few people may be faster or slower than that, and the speed of walking may be affected by gender and age, and fitness levels.

Do you know how to calculate walking speed?

If you are contemplating a trip, day out , or are training for a marathon or sponsored walk, it's important to determine how long you'll need to take to walk one mile. The health of your individual will certainly influence how long it takes to complete a mile, but other general aspects like age, gender and speed can be taken into account into your plan.

The speed at which you walk varies with the

No, we don't mean the amazing fact that it takes 3 hours to walk two blocks the toddler (so many fascinating holes in walls to gaze at!)

You might be surprised to find that lively twenty-somethings walk in a slower rate when they are compared to their elder counterparts who are thirty-somethings and 40-somethings? It's true. Then, once we reach the age of 50, our walking speed is reduced.

At 2.1 mph, it would take a person aged 75 to walk one mile in an average of nearly 30 minutes (28 minutes and 34 second) and the average age of 23 is at 3mph, and walk for only 20 minutes.

-specific walking speed

In all age categories Men walk faster than women. This could be because they typically have longer legs. They might be more likely than others to be late for something.

Walking speed according to pace

Another thing to think about when calculating the distance it takes to walk a mile is whether you are walking on a walk, strolling, or strolling along the street. It's different to walk at a slower pace when you're enjoying the country air than when you're worried you'll miss the train.

Here are some numbers that represent various speeds of walking:

Fast Speed: 100-119 steps per minute or 11 minutes for every mile

Normal The average is 80-99 steps per minute/15 minutes for mile

Relaxed 60-79 steps per minute/20 minutes per mile

Look over the miles chart below for an estimate of the time it will take to walk a set number of miles at a leisurely, normal or fast pace.

The last entry in our chart provides the answer to the question "How much time would the Proclaimers take to walk 500 miles?" The answer is the equivalent of 125 hours (7500 minutes) in a normal walking pace.
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