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Mom and me_(1)
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My climax was drawing nearer and closer. There was just one spot that I needed to cum. giving her clit one hard suck I lifted my head away marginally and in a requesting tone inquired, "Are you prepared to get fucked?" 

I licked her stone hard clit some as I finger screwed her butt. Mama let my chicken tumble from her mouth as she replied, "Damn it, get it done, fuck me." 

My chicken was against her bramble so quick that I don't recollect evolving positions. Consequently I slid my pecker in a screwing movement between her twat lips scouring over her hot clit. Energetically I groaned, "Damn it you're so dag nab hot!" 

Shut up and get that god damn chicken in my screwing pussy at this moment." I looked her in the face and understood that we hadn't kissed at this point, along these lines, I needed to play one more card. 

You need my chicken then, at that point, kiss me damn it. I have never screwed without having basically having gotten a kiss initial." A stunned look went to her face. Then, at that point, she lifted up her head, putting a hand behind my neck and gave me a kiss. It was a solid and long energetic kiss. 

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