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Wild Magic Ch 1-3
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I pulled her firmly against me again and began tonguing her tight rear-end. I felt her attempt to groan around my chicken in her mouth. Her legs gave out as she fell onto my face. Her pussy was against my jaw as I licked her newly cleaned poop chute, and her body felt like a ragdoll on top of me. 

Her mouth kept up, nonetheless, and I felt my balls fixing. She saw, as well. She attempted to take a greater amount of my chicken into her, and I felt the top of my dick come to the rear of her mouth, then, at that point, fit into her throat. She squeezed until her nose was squeezed into my balls. 

My hips shook rapidly, and my climax worked as I throat screwed Annie. Her fingers delved into my thighs, and I could just imagine giving her all of cum I could save. I siphoned into her a couple of more occasions before the conduits opened. 

My initial not many sprays went down her throat, and I could feel her attempting to swallow. It was excessively, and she pulled away with a wheeze. Her hands siphoned away, delaying my climax. She had a go at getting it in her mouth, gulping with a fulfilled groan each time. 

Finally I was unfilled, and she licked up any cum she missed. At the point when she was fulfilled, she climbed, nestled against me, and pulled a cover over us. Her head laid on my shoulder, and before long she was quick asleep. 

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