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First time with Mum.
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As we were moving toward the town, we passed by lines of terraced houses, we eased back as we moved toward the station, l peered down a rear entryway between two columns of houses, there were two canines there, one up on the rear of different, his back end jolting back and front as he screwed her. I contemplated how I'd managed Mum and recalled that she'd called it from the rear. I laughed uncontrollably. Mum saw where l was looking, she should have recently gotten a brief look as we passed, she checked out me and grinned, becoming flushed radiant red. 

We maneuvered into the station and one of the fighters assisted me with the bag despite the fact that it was minuscule. The two of them bid farewell and strolled off. I turned and saw Uncle Bert strolling towards us. Mum saw him simultaneously, he had a wide smile all over as he came to us. 

He went directly to Mum and l was shocked to see her put her arms round his neck and kiss him full on his mouth. It was a long kiss, l had never seen her kiss Dad like that. Simultaneously she was squeezing her body close to him. Uncle Bert had his hand on her base, pulling her hard against him. 

I remained there very anxious, not certain what was happening. They isolated and Uncle Bert went to me, shaking my hand. 

Welcome David," he said, "it's some time since l saw you last, what a fine young fellow you've ended up being, l expectation you've been caring for your mother." 

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