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Kim Blackmailed part 4
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Then out of nowhere Ron acknowledge he is featuring at Kim's large great boobs, and attempts to talk it away by shouting out: NO, Kim ehmmm we are behind schedule for school, you're ready? 

Kim (out of nowhere open her eyes wide): OH MY GOOD. (attempting to cover her boobs and running up on her room once more) be there as soon as humanly possible Ron sorry for what you needed to see (Kim hollered in embarrassment) 

Ron mulled over everything, except wouldn't attempt to take it longer and recently addressed that he didn't see anything. 

Kim in the other hand attempted to fail to remember it as she took on herself the main garments she could find. A flimsy white bra, the little white top she had on final evening, the primary undies she found was a great white strap and back skirt. She took her extra duffel bag from under her sack and threw a portion of the cheerleading outfit in it, then, at that point, she rushed down to Ron and they strolled a humiliating stroll to school. 

At School Kim needed to rush to her English class where each seat was taken and she needed to plunk down with Bonnie. It was an exhausting class and unexpectedly Kim thought of an inquiry to Bonnie: 

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