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The Chauffeur (#42) Extortion
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Gia nhập: 04-05-2011(UTC)
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Next, I call El Polo Norteno and get some information about cooking for 150-200 individuals, how long would it require and what might be the conveyance charge for it going to two distinct areas. The great woman lets me know it will require around one hour to have all the snacks made and be out and about for conveyance. I place two arrangements of snacks: one is chicken on a plate of mixed greens, the other is three completely stacked meat tacos. The woman gives me a cost in addition to the conveyance expense. I give her my Visa and add a 20% tip for the driver. She asked the location and some other appropriate inquiries, for example, do the structures have a solid entry, whom to call if the driver can't observe a parking space, and is there any individual who can meet the driver at the entryway since the request is so enormous. I answer the inquiries and she lets me know a request number. I say thanks to her and go mind my telephone callers. 

Sammy inquires as to whether barbecued cheddar sandwiches and tomato soup would be okay for lunch. I shrug my shoulders and let him know that it sounds fine. 

I stroll around and view everybody's advancement. Mother is progressing admirably, she doesn't have however many calls as a portion of the others, yet Fred is more than compensating for her absence of progress. 

Surprising to me is that the pornography twins and Belinda are taking immense steps with their call records. At the point when they stumble into a wrong telephone number, they dial the fax line to check whether that would be replied. If that line isn't replied, they circle the number and hand the sheet to Dakota for her to find the right number. 

Everyone is working effectively. I take out certain cups and fill them with ice water for the women. They take the cups and drink the water down rapidly. I cautiously watch Dakota to ensure my dear is drinking enough water. 

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