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Cum Medicine 6
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Ethan had strolled into the restroom and was watching the astonishing presentation before him. 

Kristin abruptly saw him and snapped out it sufficiently long to stare at him as he remained in the entryway of the huge stroll in shower. He was completely erect and she considered how long he had been watching them. She cried a little and afterward gagged out through Kellie's pressing hand, "I need… a greater amount of… ETHAN'S cum… please??" 

Kellie saw Ethan in the shower entryway and quit pressing, "You must procure it.", Kellie answered. "Allow him to wash him off first, though." 

Ethan, my sister and I have gone to a course of action. You're not to address one another. You will both location ME as it were! You are both expected to follow my orders without question until your condition dies down. Understood?" 

Ethan and Kristin both gestured, Ethan saw Kristin's eye locked on his erect rooster. He made a move to appreciate her little tits covered by erect areolas with puffy areola. Her midsection was shockingly meager, and she had exceptionally slender hips. He speculated she was unable to be more than 85 lbs! 

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