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Can't Escape Your Nature (Pt. 3)
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Groaning and disorientated, he couldn't respond when Kagé got his shoulders and drove in face-first into the enclosure bars infront of Jenday. Grasping his blades protectively, Hei turned and reviewed his long periods of preparing as Dante. 

Hei I think I want to do some more preparing on you, to show you who's in control around here." Kagé cautioned delicately, his feet separated and prepared to move. The two cyborg monitors prepared their elastic slug adjusts and pointed quietly, in amazing harmony. He grinned, and they terminated on him brutally, dropping him to the floor immediately. 

Kagé I will screwing kill you!" Hei thundered as he was nailed face down on the natural couch of his lord's office by five men. He could hear the hints of Kagé moving around the room, rattling stoneware or something like that. He realized this wouldn't be acceptable. One of the watchmen continued to lift his shroud and shirt, exposing his scarred, wounded and strong back. Hei murmured fierceness, squirming underneath the men. "You'll never make me yours, screw you!" All he heard was the low laugh of the man he hated. 

So, am I graced with the presence of Lord Hei at this moment?" Kagé asked, mocking. 

It doesn't make any difference who I am, yet you're going to contaminate Dante's body. Your professional killer's body." 

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