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Avenging Angel chapter 4
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It's difficult to make certain all things considered, yet I accept I'd started to control my fixation until that colder time of year morning experience and the ensuing police meet. In any case, I'd currently tracked down an anchor of assurance in the expanse of uncertainty: Sura Drilea was genuine. Regardless of whether Mandy, the film, the movies and the remainder had been results of my creative mind, Sura was genuine. At any rate, she'd been genuine until she was shot. 

Not that this demonstrated anything. I might have met Sura before throughout everyday life, maybe by means of Neculai, and failed to remember her. The genuine Sura may have had nothing to do with the 'Example One emasculation' I'd watched or envisioned I'd watched. My oblivious might have brought up her name from the profundities beneath memory and stuck it to my dream. In any case, why had she moved toward me unexpectedly? How had she recalled that me if I'd failed to remember the genuine her? Then again, if the movies existed outside my creative mind, comparable inquiries emerged. Why had she moved toward me, what was she attempting to caution me about, and how had she remembered me? What had driven all her me and my level under observation before she'd chose (or worked up the determination) to speak? 

Answers evaded me, which demonstrates my ability for disregarding the self-evident. As Laura-bitch had exhibited by beguiling me for a very long time, I can be visually impaired and inept. What value knowledge, scholarly achievement, innovative and publication abilities, etc when you can't perceive what's looking straight at you? The more I grappled with the secret the more outlandish my guesses became and the more tangled my thinking. My fixation was back with a vengeance. 

There's an inescapable if not widespread human inclination to battle limitations, as when we desire for food sources that are illegal on clinical grounds. On the off chance that the police hadn't asked me not to leave town I wouldn't have wanted for a late-pre-winter occasion. I didn't picture anyplace extraordinary, simply an inn in an ocean side retreat. At that season, occasion resorts have the boring quality of depleted aquaria, scheming with my affection for isolation, motivating story-creation. I stifled the craving. As things stood I may be a suspect in a homicide case. To have disappeared in any event, for a long end of the week would have looked incriminating. 

Of course I might have given the police further assistance. On the off chance that I'd let them know Mandy's email address and depicted her I may have given them a helpful lead. There were two justifications for why I didn't. To start with, if Sura had been attempting to caution me never to reveal anything about the movies (expecting the movies were genuine and she'd took an interest), educating the police concerning them might have jeopardized me. Regardless, Mandy - if she existed – had over and again demonstrated how shrewd she was, the means by which gifted at dodging questions, so she'd handle a police meet effortlessly. Second, there was no legitimate explanation to assume that Sura's dread, or her passing, had a say in the movies, and the police wouldn't express gratitude toward me for driving them up a visually impaired alley. 

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