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Star Wars: The Restricted Files - Chapter 4 - Aayla Secura
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Wow... Wowwww! She's significantly more sweltering than Ahsoka and Padme... Check out those titties and that ass!" Jacen said with a smile on his face. 

Yah... I trust Grandpa screws that prostitute!" Anakin added with his give over his jeans already. 

While Jacen and Anakin wowed at how flawless Jedi Master Aayla Secura was, Jaina Solo was currently chilling off with a long loosening up shower. The last holovid had made her make it to another stride and really eliminate her underwear to permit simpler admittance to her wet teen pussy. She didn't exactly have the foggiest idea why she was as a rule so turned on by something clearly so off-base. She was intrigued by how great she examined the new outfit she had made for herself notwithstanding, as she checked out herself in the restroom's mirror. Practically the identical representation of her mom at a more youthful age, Jaina Solo was gifted with almost wonderful looks, a beautiful high school body and a capacity to utilize what she needed to get what she wanted. 

God I'm hot!" Jaina said to herself as she pulled off her cylinder top to uncover her peppy firm teen bosoms and little ruddy pink areolas. The red cowhide texture had been scouring against her touchy areolas since she had put the top on and since she had at long last taken it off, she could tell that the steady teasing had apparently stirred them. Jaina kept stripping down; eliminating her boots, long white tights and her short red calfskin skirt. In spite of the fact that her body was practically indistinguishable from her mom's, her butt was not exactly as large and succulent as Leia's and her bosoms were not close to also created. Her teen ass probably won't have been just about as round as her moms, yet Jaina had perhaps the most impenetrable ass anybody might at any point expect and as she got out of her strap again and ventured into the hot shower, the desire to play with herself soon returned. 

Back on the extension, the holovid kept on playing with both Jacen and Anakin totally ingested in the thing was occurring in the Jedi Archives with their granddad Anakin Skywalker and the Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura. 

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