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Isabelle Chapter 4
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Trained?" I inquired. 

I lost my 'virginity' as of now so it wouldn't hurt when we did it," she said looking profoundly into my eyes. 

I will not dive as deep," I guaranteed, grinning at her. 

I began once more, going in and out leisurely, feeling each inch with my chicken, forgetting about around 3 inches. Isabelle was all the while recoiling, yet soon the agony left and she was simply left with delight. Her gritted teeth and strained face loose as my pushes turned out to be faster and more musical. "You can go somewhat more profound," she laughed, folding her legs over my thighs, tenderizing me closer. I grinned back at her, kissing her. "I would rather not hurt you," I said. She laughed as I began pushing again. 

Every little edge and knock in her ideal vagina felt stunning as I slid my cockerel past them. Her tight pussy held my chicken flawlessly, adjusting to its shape and size. "Goodness, oui," she groaned. My chicken was calculated up towards the top of her pussy and I could feel it scouring toward her engorged g-spot. The spongey surface felt so stunning, I felt like I could just cum somewhere within her, however I needed to make her cum first. 

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