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Res1: Mail order sex slave
#1 Đã gửi : 11/11/2021 lúc 02:23:24(UTC)

Danh hiệu: Guest

Gia nhập: 04-05-2011(UTC)
Bài viết: 395.374

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As you have presumably been told, I am 150 cm tall, and weigh 41 kg. My figure is 83-53-84 cm. My mom lets me know you most likely utilize the English framework so she has requested that the courtesan decipher this for us. In your numbers I am 59 inches tall, gauge 90 pounds and have a 33-21-33 inch figure. I have exceptionally huge bosoms for my size, however contrasted and completely mature ladies, size B probably won't sound enormous. The preparation ace let me know you will presumably like them.

The men who have prepared me all appear to like both my tits and my round base. My butt at times makes me unsure in light of the fact that it is so enormous. However, the way that men all appear to think that it is appealing is a gift. I have been utilizing a butt-centric attachment for a very long time and in spite of the fact that I am little, I can now accomodate a standard man there on the off chance that he wants to utilize me in that way. 

Mother proposed I let you know a tad bit of my set of experiences. I was not brought into the world here. Yet, I remember nothing before my mom was procured by the expert. I was two at that point. I love our life here. My mom is cherished and permitted to adore numerous men. She will be really focused on by either the expert or his domain for her entire life and has none of the concerns of alleged "free women". 

As soon as I was mature enough to get guidelines and the commitments of a female of joy I was permitted to help, for the most part with my mom while she was engaging visitors. Until ten, nonetheless, I was not permitted to be utilized for genital intercourse. This is as it ought to be. However much I might have needed it, it isn't reasonable for anticipate that a guest should utilize a body too little to even consider giving him pleasure. 

At four I was permitted to lick a man's penis on the off chance that he wanted it. Frequently mother would hold it while we each licked the contrary side, nearly kissing each other with his part between us. Obviously, assuming the man needs a young lady more youthful than ten, he is given what he needs. In any case, the young lady isn't permitted to recommend it until she has acquired that age. I was not lucky in this reguard, however I engaged in sexual relations with one of my mom's sweethearts soon after my birthday. Between the age of 4 and 10, for the most part I introduced myself exposed, and nestled with my mom's sweetheart while he did to her those things I could scarcely hold back to have done to me. 

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