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First time with Mum.
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I've just cum twice today Mum," l said, "occasionally l can wank four or five times." 

Mum burst out giggling as she went after her tote passing me a few tissues. "Well the possibility of you screwing me multiple times in a single day is one l will keep in my mind," she chuckled. "Utilize those to wipe your cockerel." She took some more tissues and pushed them up between her thighs. 

We felt the train start to dial back for the station. We dressed rapidly and we're situated opposite one another by the window when the train pulled in to the station. We halted inverse the window to the sitting area, l could see our appearance in the window. I saw the way to the compartment close to our own open and a youthful couple got out. As they strolled past us the two of them went to take a gander at us, both blasting out chuckling then putting their arms round one another and strolling off. 

Do you think they heard us Mum?" I said. 

I figure they should have," Mum chuckled. She saw the man place his hand on the lady's base as they left. "Appears as though they can hardly wait to return home themselves," she laughed. 

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