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Executive Decision
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WE are gathering at my home as it is nearer. John, my John is away so it appears to be cool to me. Oh well the GROUP show up practically at the same time with wine... Baffled, definitely. I don't care for alcoholics Molly. 

I am told it is customary for the GROUP to have a warm-up drink...before a trip. They realize I am not a consumer so I am to be given ½ a glass...Just as the wine is going to be poured Sharon gets some information about my family picture I have holding tight the divider. Looking back a very decent continue on naïve Brenda. 

WE drink the wine and it is approaching takeoff time when I begin to feel woozy. YA..., they tranquilized me the bitches. 

I was trucked to my room with self important worries for my prosperity. Any questions I had dissipated when my dress was taken from my shoulders followed by my bra. I got some exceptionally decent supplements about my bosoms as the ball gag advanced into my mouth followed by a dark hood over my head...and quiet. I was crying when the hood became possibly the most important factor and never halted until it was lights out. 

I couldn't say whether it was just the GROUP or some of them with others. I couldn't say whether there were any men in the room. What I recall is this; 

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