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Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 3 (long)
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Béla cried as Jake pulled her head somewhere near putting weight on her tackle, making her practically fly straight into the precipice face. She backstroked wildly and had the option to keep hovering. 

This won't work!" she shouted down at him, her wings whipping the air around and befuddling his feeling of balance. 

Jake understood that he'd need to get the rope around her neck simultaneously as he snatched the rope tied around her thighs, or, in all likelihood he'd wreck her. Taking a full breath, he inclined out away from the bluff face and fell against the outfit, frantically getting a handle on the two ropes as he did so. 

Béla yelled and thrashed her wings hysterically as she was pulled down. She looked as Jake figured out how to get his leg over her neck rope. Then, at that point, marvelously, he was situated on the harness. 

They were both dropping quickly and Béla wasn't plunging. She was fluttering fiercely, hysterically attempting to stop their frantic drop, actually pointed toward the bluff and shouting out in dread as the rugged stone came ever closer/p>

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