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quot;Mountain Girls Have No Rules" - 4
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Jen was jump'in around on the bed like a rabbit. I checked out Jen and she had that unpleasant look all over. She checked out me and got Ben's shotgun. She said: "Ben, you go set down on the love seat and rest up, we ain't finished with you." Ben got up a grinn'in and proceeded to lay on the sofa. Jen said: "Amy, you turn over and put yer arms and legs wide apart." 

We had never seen a full growed lady with hair on her pussy and arm pits. Jen murmured: ("… how about we play with Amy a bit."). That approved of me, we needed a more intensive look and her. We bowed somewhere near her and Jen played with her arm pit hair. I got between her legs and checked out that pussy hair. It was all fluffy feel'in on my fingers. There was a portion of Ben's white stuff in it. 

Well hell, I cherished the taste a that so I just began lick'in Amy's pussy. Amy began a squirm'in when I licked her huge pussy knock. Jen was a lick'in her titties now and a feel'in her arm pit hair. 

Amy was a little pink in the face, yet she was a gett'en over her bashfulness. I was a lick'in her pussy. Ben could do it the best, however I was a learn' in. I turned upward and Jen had her pussy on Amy's mouth and was a pull'in on her large titties. I needed to feel them as well, so I went up and Jen and I both felt her huge titties. I sure wished mine were enormous like that. I scoured my pussy knock on Amy's pussy bump. 

I was get'n a decent feel'in doin that. Amy was a squirm'in and a lick'in Jen's pussy. Jen's eyes got large and she hung over and began play'in with Amy's pussy hair as I was a rubb'in my pussy on Amy's pussy a lay'in on my side. I was a play'in with one of Amy's monstrous titties and a lick'in it. Jen and I was a like'n this new stuff. 

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