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The Coach's Wife CH. 02
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In the days that followed Devon's first involvement in a developed lady, life happened obviously. Mrs. Albright regarded him as she generally had, with maybe even a smidgen more warmth, however he might have been adding more to it than was really there. She had consistently been warm and inviting - dealt with him like family - and the way that he'd filled her mouth with a noteworthy heap of cum hadn't appear to change any of that. 

The morning after the episode, Devon Daniels struggled looking any of the Albright's in the face. He expected an explosion at any second that would see him kicked out of the house - or far more terrible - off the group. However, nothing occurred; everybody was happy, as though Bruce getting back plastered had never happened. 

The next couple of days were loaded up with a lot of errands; clearing out an old shed, painting a fence, and cutting the grass. The work was easy, simply tedious. Jeff and Devon could've wrapped up the responsibilities in a fraction of the time in the event that they would have invested less energy fartin' around and additional time working. 

Sprucing up the shed ended up being more enjoyable than Devon had first expected. The young men scavenged through drawers of screws, fasteners, and other equipment, arranging them according to Coach Albright's guidelines. The old construction ended up being a secret stash of recollections for Jeff. In a storeroom he tracked down his first ball glove and bat that had been given to him as a little child, and in one more spot he found an assortment of drawings he'd done as a youthful student. 

These sure bring back a great deal of recollections," Jeff said, looking over the craftsmanship work. 

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