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Can We Survive Moe's Story
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We would permit a couple of days for the commotion to tighten then rehash it. Concerning seven days after the fact we put a match to the enrolled men's dormitory. Just three got out . Most were too tanked to even consider evening escape bed. 

I concluded I wanted a touch of intel. Our last little soiree yielded two or three Blue Hat garbs. The one in particular that would fit me was a Sergeants uniform. I chukled this should give me a touch seriously moving room. I circumvent the out posts and entered the region from the South. 

No-one appeared to scrutinize my entitlement to be there. Truth be told I saw the not many that were working appear to work somewhat quicker and harder. I stood and looked for some time yet didn't sy anything. Incidentally I would grimace or gesture my head in the negative. Then, at that point, I strolled away. 

I had observed a scratch pad and pencil in one of the uniform pockets. I opened it and found it was written in English. I had perused the SSGT's notes. He wasn't excessively content with the manner in which the outfit was ran. He called them Civilian soldiers. 

I saw that when I took out the notebook...The men appeared to work quicker. I had gone to go further into the camp when on Officer... a Major I think, shouted to me. 

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