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Island Vacation
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Well yes yet it's something beyond sex. It's a liberating experience. You can wear so a lot or as little as you'd like. You can do things you'd never do here at home with practically no judgment. Furthermore, yes there is a ton of sex. Yet, you never need to do anything you would rather not. That standard is written in stone and disrupting that guideline is cruelly managed with." 

So you need us to go to this island with you and simply have a lot of sex?" Jason asked more impolitely than he implied to. 

No we need you to come and partake in where there's no judgment and you can just let free. Nobody says you need to do anything with anybody while you're there." Amber was improving position clarifying it than her better half. "We needed you to see us like this since, supposing that you choose to go you will see us stripped, a great deal, and in all probability engaging in sexual relations with one another and others. We needed to ensure you could deal with it." 

Jen was grinning ear to ear, "I can hardly wait to go with you all." She exclaimed. 

It sounds fun." Jason admitted. 

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