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Spread Betting at TD Waterhouse Online
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TD Waterhouse is a popular spread betting service solution that offers online spread betting trading derived from City Index platform.

TD Waterhouse appears to give spread betting second thoughts dependent on many online commentaries. Spread betting is not necessary and the presentation is a bit boring. Nonetheless, conventional trading is more focused slightly than spread betting. This could indicate that the company does not permit their customers to open an account with another broker.

The lack of introductory presentation is just an instance in this spread betting source. While there are many online brokers that offer freebies and promotions, TD Waterhouse isn't as extensive. There are some positive things, such as the ability to place smaller bets in the initial phase and clients being introduced to spread betting. This is a four week phase and there are no limitations on the clients placing larger bets if they are comfortable with it. Unluckily, demo accounts are not available in which practice betting takes place to effectively shun risking lots of money. Even though the trader is still in the teaching-learning phase, he/she could lose a lot of money.

During market hours, the spreads are very competitive and there is the guaranteed stoploss order feature. Although there is spread betting offered by TD Waterhouse, it is not that exciting for this firm really just focuses on the traditional trading. This is not what beginner traders want for a high quality spread betting, they decide for features like demo accounts, tight spreads and user friendly trading platform that could gain them loads of money.

Its failure to give notice about the orders/bets is a major concern. While the client patiently awaits the notice, the prices move quickly and can become frustrating. The possibility of losing a lot of money is high because the bettors don't know what's happening in their accounts.

Its customer service support is another concern. Many clients have posted commentary of the telephone passed on from one to the next and the opinions change depending on the agents on hand.

These issues will be fixed soon for TD Waterhouse, which is better than the usual thread. There are many features that bettors don't like these days.
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