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Windows Message ID constants
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Windows Message ID constants

By Anthony Baraff.


The .NET base classes manage to insulate the programmer from many of the details of how applications interact with the underlying operating system, but in order to implement advanced UI functionality Microsoft leaves you no option but to interoperate with windows plumbing. The IMessageFilterinterface requires you to use the System.Windows.Forms.Messagestruct which wraps a windows message. The Msgproperty corresponds to an int value that stores a constant indicating the type of message, Windows is sending your application. To my knowledge, Microsoft has not incorporated an enumeration with the commonly used constants. So, I stripped all of the messages I could find in the CommCtrl.h and WinUser.h header files and created an enum. I hope that you find it useful.

namespace WindowsUtilities
    public enum WindowsMessages: int
        WM_NULL = 0x0000,
        WM_CREATE = 0x0001,
        //Refer the WindowMessages.cs file
        //for complete source listing
       LM_SETITEM = (WM_USER + 0x302),
        LM_GETITEM = (WM_USER + 0x303)
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